• wind power for the world

    Engineered for 50 years of energy life

      Our lightweight wind power is capable of producing 1.5 kWh . Optimized for low wind speeds and is wildlife friendly. Just plug in, power up and drop off the grid. All ANEW Products are 100% open source - Hackers Unite! 
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Wind Power

Who says renewable energy has to be boring?

Wind Power For The World

Wind Power should be the closest thing to plug-and-play without destroying your renewable energy budget. We spent the past 5 years searching for a design that could be built at a great price while optimizing power output performance. We can brake rotors when wind speeds exceed generator ratings. Built out of stainless steel, our wind products are built to last. Triple seals protect vital drone motors that are protected from the harshest elements. The stator blades coverings are customizable and engineered to tear away to protect the structure when hurricane forces are present. This is great!

  •  Power output type: 48 Volt DC - 100A (power storage point needed)
  • 1/5KW standard power generation (+7KW hackable for higher wind speeds)
  • Connector Type: MC4 (standard solar plug)
  • Resettable Fusing - YES all channels (low: 3.5 volt x 1A high: 48 Volt x 50A high power)
  • Networkable: Wifi, Ethernet, 4G/5G, Bluetooth, Zigbee
  • MicroProcessor: Arduino UNO (hackable)
  • Electrical Bus Type: SPI/UART
  • Onboard Sensing: Temp, Level, CO2/NOX, Moisture, Vibration, Daylight
  • Visuals: Multi-Colored LED Light Bar, Audio Speakers 
  • Open Sensing Channels (7) (hackable)
  • Video Capable: YES (Open API - Application Programming Interface)
    • 6' Tall X 5' Wide (1.8M x 1.5M)
    • Structural Materials: 304 Stainless Steel, Die Cast Aluminum, Stainless Hardware
    • Mounting 2" NTP (top/bottom)
    • Seals - EDPM (3X) (waterproof)
    • Wildlife Friendly (clear nylon bird mesh)
    • Self Diagnostics: Onboard
    • Bearings: Ceramic
    • Motor Type: Brushless - High RPM
    • Customizable: YES (stator blade decorations - light show)
    • Upgradable: YES (motors, mounting adapters)
    • Wear Parts: Stator Blades Covers, Wildlife Mesh
    • Hurricane Rated (stainless bolt down straps optional)
    • Onboard Electrical Storage: YES (optional)
    • Product Life: 50 Years
    • Certifications: CE/UL

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price  - $3,000

August 2020 Status:(in shop being built - ETA:Q4/2021) 

You can put $1,000 down to get some of the first 5 kWh wind turbines off the line. We are working towards a Q4 pilot line launch. Lots to do before the end of 2021.  Quality first! We will keep you posted as we get closer and share performance testing as that information comes available. Thanks for your patience!