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The Micro-Grid User Journey - We Call eScout

Unless you have been living on another planet, you will know that today's mobile applications are extraordinary to say the least. We are building an open Advanced Programming Interface (API) that will make these even more open source. The Journey starts by downloading our mobile app from your app, or scanning a QR code on a box at retail. No, this is not something that we charge for, it is free! Once you sign up and watch some training videos, you are ready to audit your site. If your site needs development work like structural reinforcement, this tool brings those resources to the table.   

As soon as you start the E-Scout connector wizard, your dashboard starts lighting up. We assign a remote Project Manager who helps you in your renewable energy journey. These helping hands are here to see that the plan is executed properly while ensuring that your chances of a successful installation are high. Regardless of whether you are a DIY type, or you need some helping hands, we bring everything to your fingertips. As the site development process matures, documents are packaged in your private portal where we can work together to finalize equipment and installation costs. When the package is ready, you can reach out to multiple lending institutions that compete for your business. Here is an overview of what we have inside:            (Q4 - 2021 Release 1.0). 

This Is What Happens Next On Your E-Scout Journey

    • STEP 1:         Enter equipment owner name and vital information: (phone, email, first, last)
    • STEP 2:         Enter the proposed site location: (click GPS button to find location)
    • STEP 3:         Enter the amounts for your last few power bills.
    • STEP 4:         Answer questions about getting an Electric Vehicle or E-Bike.
    • STEP 5:         Tell us about your site, take lots of photos, and tell us all about what we are seeing.
    • STEP 6:         Make friends with your remote project manager. They are there to help.
    • STEP 7:         Run the E-Scout wizard and it will make some recommendations as to how many wind, water, solar, and storage devices you will need.
    • STEP 8:         If that looks good, you will see the total cost of the hardware we are recommending.
    • STEP 9:         Once completed, if you are a DIY person,  you can order your equipment, give the equipment names and wait for it to arrive.
    • STEP 10:        If you need some help with the equipment, search for a local certified installer.  
    • STEP 11:       You can submit the project to one installer or many.
    • STEP 12:       The installers will request a time to come visit your site. Look at your calendar, find a time, and make the meeting happen.
    • STEP 13:       After the installation costing is complete, work with your project manager to get all of the paperwork together to satisfy regulatory oversight.
    • STEP 14:      Once you have a handle on costs, times, and your local municipality has approved the project, go ahead and hit the "Get Funding Button"
    • STEP 15:       Your project is submitted to lending institutions that compete for your loan.
    • STEP 16:        When approved, the funds get transferred to ANEW, where things get organized and kitted. 
    • STEP 17:        ANEW Energy goes to work while all stakeholders are kept informed of the schedule.  
    • STEP 18:        The project manager will be on top of making sure everyone is in sync. Work with your PM.
    • STEP 19:        In a few days a large truck will arrive with your equipment. Don't forget to establish a location from which to stage the equipment.
    • STEP 20:        Wait for the installers to arrive, or if you're that DIY person, break open the carton, look for instructions on your app, and start installing.
    • STEP 21:        We recommend that a certified electrician connects the power to your home or business.
    • STEP 22:        Once the job is done, get trained in operating the system. Don't forget to rate your experience.
    • STEP 23:        Congratulations, you're off the grid and running on renewable energy.  Enjoy! 

    Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price  - FREE!

    August 2020 Status:(in development - ETA:Q4/2021)