"Invented in America.  Made for the World."  

Think Different So You Can Create BIG Clean Energy Solutions.

Think Big and Build it Strong  

As new extreme whiplash weather patterns increase. high strength, long life, durable solutions are needed.  The US Department of Energy mandates that renewable energy products that they purchase must have a 50 year service life.  The DOE called us to Washington DC to help finance the factory since we are testing our products to these standards. Small wind power generators must to to step up our game.  We are thinking about clean energy in a whole new way.  


We are manufacturing professionals thinking BIG. Our company is building a production line that is designed to deliver 12,000 Turbines/Week/Factory. That is 5.2GWh per year of clean wind power delivered to the market each week. We then copy that factory around the world.

Sustainable Community Uplift

We are committed to working with our First Nation on building out their sustainable economy today.  ANEW Energy is honored to be selected by the Navajo Technical University to be working with the Advanced Manufacturing Center in Crown Point New Mexico.  NTU is leading the country in exotic material research.  Together we are building out plastic compounds that have never been created or processed.  The Tribal Knowledge that ANEW and NTU  bring together in light production will create 21st Century jobs for our next generation.  Once completed we are manufacturing product in Crownpoint, we  will power up and create sustainable jobs for our friends across the Native American Nation.  We are excited about this community uplift project and others.  If you have ideas for a sustainable uplift please let us know.    It is time that we listen and learn from those that respect our planet.  

It all starts at the copy factory. 

When the sun goes down at night, solar panels stop making power, yet the wind keeps blowing.

Plug in and power up. Existing and new solar array are a perfect grid opportunity for a wind upgrade.

Plug In And Power Up

Our onboard electronics figures out your grid.  No DC:DC buck boosting or AC:DC bridge rectification, or any phase conversion required. Regardless of your grid voltage, frequency type, or phase,  we take care of that all on board.  Don't let low wind speeds stop you from making power.  We take care of all this onboard.                                                                                                                                                        

 Power Type - Wind Turbine Grid Syncing Output:Included:
50 Hz - Europe/Asia/Africa Yes
 60 Hz - North America Yes
 12/24/48/96 - VDCYes 
 110/115/120 VAC - Single PhaseYes 
220/ 230/240 VAC - Single and Three PhaseYes
440/460/480 Three Phase AC/DCYes

Who says renewable energy has to be boring?

We have 12 earth friendly base colors for you to choose from. WE can help you blend wind power into your location.
1,000 minimum required for custom branding
A minimum order of 1,000 turbines is required for custom colors and branding.

Focus Groups Spoke. We Listened...

We spend years listening to industry leaders tell us what they wanted in a small wind turbine.  Here is what we found. "Can you make it in different colors?" The US Forrest Service.  "Tourist come to Tasmania to view the raptors.  Can you install bird netting? " - Tasmania Government.  Your equipment needs to handle hurricane force wind speeds" - City of Key West.  "Wind and Solar energies do not work well together.  Can you  deliver the right voltage to support the grid?   - Colorado Government.  "Your equipment needs to be light enough so two men can lift it in order to eliminate the need for heavy equipment." -  Local Colorado Solar Installers. If you are going to sell the next generation of renewable energy products to the US Federal Government, you must deliver products with a 50 year service life." - US DOE      

We call it. "The Collective Power of Everything."


Our aluminum casting partner in Seattle is The Pentz foundry.  They developed a light pole that is bomber proof and yes it is hurricane rated.  Need a special ornamental pole for your site development, we just might have the solution.  Plug in and power up to that high power grid and let ANEW figure out the rest.  We sync with high power Single phase, 3 Phase AC grids.  This is a new way of thinking about street lighting and EV charging.

Education & Opportunity
Equal opportunity is a state of fairness in which individuals are treated similarly, unhampered by artificial barriers or prejudices or preferences, except when particular distinctions can be explicitly justified.  ANEW Energy is committed to providing free training and certification to all that desire to enter into this New Sustainable Economy.  Our approach is onboards employees and contractors with a path to success.  Learn about the jobs we are offering both online and at the factory.  When we think big, we need to support every vendor, customer, and employee with a world class education and access to tools of the trade.  Join us! 

 Help us deploy this sustainable economy to the world. 

Together, we can create jobs at scale while fighting climate change. 

 We optimized our products for low energy values. 

  Let's harvest energy from your rooftop when it rains. 

Two-sided solar with reflective tracking is best in low light conditions.

The lithium battery is targeted to be replaced by the ultracapacitor creating a battery that lasts 50 years. The semiconductor industry is key to producing nanoscale graphene in the highest volumes needed for this transformation.

We need to monitor how good of a job we are doing to improve air quality while reducing 

our carbon toxins released into the atmosphere.

Open our pitch deck.

So much to do. So little time left to get things done. We must go faster. 

It is our pleasure to share these materials. It is our mission to bring all things renewable together with all people on planet earth. By following our Copy Exactly plans, countries and local communities can create jobs to support this way of life. It is our intention to be the first to open-source a factory that makes renewable energy products. We must all think at scale and we must all move faster. It us not just our job to achieve this goal, we need help from you. We have been working behind-the-scene to roll forward state-of-the-art technology that has the potential for big change. We are ready to get the word out. Let's build jobs together to support a better way forward with many friends from around the world. Join us!


You don't have to be in Silicon Valley to build World Class products. 

Our friends in India at Zoho have empowered our company to think globally and have given us the tools to drive our solutions forward at scale. Learn Zoho, then join us in rural Colorado or where you are anywhere in the world. Get to know this amazing group of forward-thinking people! Pat Conarro, the CEO of ANEW Energy, has been developing relationships around the world for decades and Zoho has to be our very best find. With love for humanity, one of his greatest discoveries has certainly been the beautiful people of India. We love Zoho! Let's have some fun and make great things happen for the world. You can learn more about Zoho here