Invented in America.  Made for the World. 

Think Different So You Can Create BIG Clean Energy Solutions.

We are manufacturing professionals thinking BIG. Our company is building a production line that is designed to deliver 12,000 Turbines/Week/Factory. That is 5.2GWh per year of clean wind power delivered to the market each week. We then copy that factory around the world.

When we scale to 10,000 turbines/week costs go down while sustainable jobs grow with Gigawatts of clean energy.  

It Starts At The Copy Factory.

Go Big and Build it Strong


Extreme weather patterns are becoming more frequent, which means we need durable, long-lasting solutions. The US Department of Energy requires that any renewable energy products they purchase have a minimum service life of 50 years. They invited us to Washington D.C. to discuss financing for our factory, as we are currently testing our products to meet these standards. As small wind power generator companies, we need to raise the bar in terms of clean energy. We are approaching the concept of clean energy in a fresh, innovative way.


Sustainable Community Uplift

ANEW Energy is proud to partner with the Navajo Technical University's Advanced Manufacturing Center in Crown Point, New Mexico to work with our First Nation on building a sustainable economy. NTU is a leader in exotic material research, and together we are developing plastic compounds that have never been created before. This collaboration and our use of tribal knowledge in light production will create new jobs for the next generation. Once the manufacturing is complete in Crownpoint, we plan to create sustainable jobs for Native American communities. We are excited about this community project and any other opportunities to promote sustainability.


When the sun goes down at night, solar panels stop making power, yet the wind keeps blowing.

Plug in and power up. Existing and new solar array are a perfect grid opportunity for a wind upgrade.

A Bit About Our Secret Sauce 

ANEW Energy have developed onboard electronics to figure out your grid.  No DC:DC buck boosting or AC:DC bridge rectification, or any phase conversion required.  50Hz, 60Hz, we do not care.  Our digital algorithm coupled with our proprietary electronics  takes care of all that. Single Phase or Three Phase AC? We do not care.   Don't let low wind speeds stop you from making power.  We take care of all this onboard regardless of the wind speed.  We call this the collective power of everything.                                                                                            

Power Type -  Grid Syncing Output:Included:
50 Hz AC - Europe/Asia/Africa Yes
 60 Hz AC - North America Yes
 12/24/48/96 /480 - VDCYes 
 110/230 VAC - Single PhaseYes 
230/460 VAC - Three PhaseYes

Who says renewable energy has to be boring?

We have 12 earth friendly base colors for you to choose from.

Who says renewable energy has to be boring?

1,000 minimum required for custom branding
A minimum order of 1,000 turbines is required for custom colors and branding.

We Listened 

"Over the past decade, we asked industry leaders what they wanted in a small wind turbine. The solutions we are deploying have had input from around the world.  

Here's what we Learned:

    The US Forrest Service wanted the option for different colors to blend in with the environment.

    The Tasmania Government requested bird netting to protect raptors.

    The City of Key West needed the equipment to withstand hurricane force winds.

    The State of Colorado Government wanted  support upgrading existing solar grid.

    Local  Installers needed equipment light enough for two men to lift.

    The US Department of Energy mandated a minimum 50 year service life for products sold to the federal government.

Major retailers and corporations asked that we private label their brands on the turbines.

National Parks Service asked that we provide a remote dashboard on the product performance.

Local governments asked that the turbine noise be under 50dB

DIY Customers asked that the technology to be able to plug in and power up with existing solar.

Large utility companies asked for the product to be mass produced at scale for solar integrations.

12 Stock Base Colors

We call it. "The Collective Power of Everything."

ANEW Energy Private Label Power Pole: 1.5KW Wind Generation - 20KW Battery Storage Grid Tie and AV Charge Distribution Point

 Help us deploy this sustainable economy to the world. 

Together, we can create jobs at scale while fighting climate change. 

 We optimized our products for low energy values. 

  Let's harvest energy from your rooftop when it rains. 

Two-sided solar with reflective tracking is best in low light conditions.

The lithium battery is targeted to be replaced by the ultracapacitor creating a battery that lasts 50 years. The semiconductor industry is key to producing nanoscale graphene in the highest volumes needed for this transformation.

We need to monitor how good of a job we are doing to improve air quality while reducing 

our carbon toxins released into the atmosphere.

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