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Solar Connector

It's Time To Clean Me...  Solar That Talks!

This technology makes any solar panel talk to the ANEW Energy open-source mobile app. Solar panels have 2 problems. First, panels only make power during the day and second, when they get dirty, the energy generation is reduced. The ANEW onboard electronics senses panel cleanliness, temp, CO2/NOX gases, along with many open I/O channels. Your solar panel becomes a perch where drones get charged and provide cleaning services. This technology is designed to connect to any standard MC4 solar cabling

  • Works with any solar panel type
  • Power Rating: 48 Volt DC - 20A
  • Connector Type: MC4 (standard solar plug)
  • Resettable Fusing - YES all channels (low: 3.5 volt x 1A) 
  • Networkable: Wifi, Ethernet, 4G/5G, Bluetooth, Zigbee
  • MicroProcessor: Arduino UNO (hackable)

  • Electrical Bus Type: SPI/UART

  • Onboard Sensing: Temp, Level, CO2/NOX, Moisture, Vibration, Daylight

  • Visuals: Multi-Colored LED Light Bar, Audio Speakers, 

  • Open Sensing Channels (7) (hackable)

  • Video Capable: YES (option & hackable)

  • Dimensions: 6" x6" x6" (150mm x 150mm x 150mm)

  • Structural Materials: 304 Stainless Steel, Die Cast Aluminum, Stainless Hardware

  • Mounting: M5, M8 (stainless torx head included)

  • Seals - EDPM (3X) - (waterproof)

  • Wildlife Friendly - YES

  • Self Diagnostics: Onboard

  • Customizable: YES (light show)

  • Upgradable: YES (hackable)

  • Wear Parts: NO (outer shell service event)

  • Hurricane Rated - YES

  • Product Life: 50 Years​

  • August 2020 Status: (in shop: holding pattern) - ETA:Q4/2021) 

  • Certifications: CE/UL