About ANEW Energy /

Our Training and Certification Plan

ANEW has made strong commitments to providing more than 55 kinds of clean energy jobs to the market. Training is mission critical and our anchor to success.  We are building a rich set of learning modules that are accessible by any mobile phone or desktop computer. And furthermore, everyone who becomes certified, gets access to the job portal. If you like the independent work world, and don't want a boss, "going independent" in renewables has never been easier! You are the workforce we are looking for. Our educational methods are based on proven technologies that are being used to bring trade skills forward. The ANEW Training Team has developed a plan that moves the trainee forward after certifications into job opportunities in their respective part of the world. Our system is designed to access our tribal knowledge and in each countrymen's native language.

Connecting Knowledge with Jobs and Customers to Funding

ANEW is building out a rich set of Internet Of Things (IoT) tools that bring education and certification together with customers and funding. FINTECH this is your next big industry. These mobile tools are the glue that cements together every aspect of micro-grid technology and services. It is our intention to make these tools available to achieve world-wide adoption in any language and with any currency. Drop into our jobs portal here to learn more. Below is a short video on where eScout is going to bring FINTECH together with sustainability.

Product Compliance Standards

With a mission to deliver products with a 50-year life cycle, the products we are building will be in compliance with UL, CE, ISO & TUV standards. Safety rules will satisfy OSHA oversight roles both at the shop and out in the field. Anyone that works with ANEW has stop work authority when safety is at stake. Together, we can make great products and look out for each other as we move renewable energy out the door. Join us to deliver great products.  

We start with knowledge and end with jobs.

Training is crucial. With Colorado as a leading renewable energy state, and seven products at various stages of pilot line production, we are confident that we have bountiful job creation potential. We are engaged in building out a rich set of training tools; mass scale sustainable job creation begins soon after the pilot line is operational.  

We are working to document every detail here at ANEW so when it's time to go to mass production, we can do it anywhere in the world. We want the business operating system to be able to get cloned with minimal effort. And that task starts with a rich set of training modules released in the native language where these solutions are being deployed. We are enthusiastic about creating world-class mobile training tools for all stakeholders. Small independents can easily join the workforce and get paid, while remaining independent. Training and certification are at your fingertips, so crack open that app and start ANEW Education.

Touch Points At Retail

Many individuals prefer hands-on experience to learn one of our 55 renewable energy job training modules. We would like to bring those hands-on classes to retail points. Each retail point will have touch point demonstration stations where individuals can interact with the various components we are deploying. Get ready for a whole new retail play. We envision experiments running that can demonstrate how renewable energy works. We want everyone to see how easy it is to convert to renewable energy. It's a plug-and-play world we live in. We hope to empower our customers, our vendors, and our employees in a safe controlled environment. This learning center will have everything needed to go green.

Renewable Jobs 

We have identified more than 55 kinds of green jobs to be filled starting in 2021. These jobs require training to improve our chance of success.

Mobile Learning

We are developing free mobile phone apps that train and certify 50+ jobs.

Test Forward

Professionals can refresh their knowledge or test forward to move onto finding work.

Graduates Get Jobs

Renewable energy jobs can all be secured using a mobile phone and a passion for chan.

Job IDJob Name  Skill Level Pay Scale# Employed Labor Expense
 ACPAccountant Professional 3 $75/hr 1$156,000
ADP Advertising Professional  3 $55/hr1$114,400
 ASMAssembler 1$18/hr 10$374,400
 BEDPDatabase Programmer 3 $75/hr2$312,000
 BKBookkeeper 2$25/hr 2 $104,000
 CAD3DCAD 3D Designer 3 $75/hr 2$312,000
 CAD2DCAD 2D Designer
2 $30/hr 4$249,600
 CNCPCNC Programmer
3 $50/hr 2$208,000
CNCOCNC Operator 1 $25/hr8$416,000
CE Compliance Expert 1 $35/hr 1$72,800
 DE Document Expert 1 $25/hr2$104,400
 ECEE-Commerce Expert  2$35/hr 1$72,800
EL1 Electrician Level I  - Install2  $30/hr5$312,000
 EL2Electrician Level II  - Install 3$65/hr 3$405,600
EL3Electronics Design3
$75/hr 2$312,000
 EAElectronics Assembler1 $20/hr4$166,400
 EPEmbedded Programmer  3 $75/hr2$312,000
EM Environmentalist  2 $30/hr2$124,800
 FDFactory Designer 3 $75/hr2$312,000
 FPM Factory Plant Manager 3 $65/hr2$270,400
FE Financial Expert 3 $75/hr 2$156,000
HRE Human Resource Expert  2 $55/hr2$228,800
 LELanguage Expert  2 $40/hr 1$83,200
 LPLegal Professional  3$185/hr .5$192,400
 LBLobbyist 2$50/hr  1$208,000
 LELogistics Expert  Expert  2$40/hr  1$83,200
MST Machinist2 $30/hr 5$312,000
 MTNMaintenance Expert  1$25/hr  1$52,000
ME Marketing Expert  2 $40/hr2$166,400
 MAMechanical Assembler  1 $20/hr10$416,000
 MIMechanical Installer  2 $35/hr 3$218,400
 MADMobile App Developer  3 $75/hr1 $156,000
PCBM  PCB Manufacturing Professional 3 $50/hr 1$104,000
 PMProject Manager  2 $30/hr4$249,600
PA  Purchasing Agent 2 $30/hr 2$124,800
QCE  Quality Control Expert 2 $25/hr 2$104,000
 RC Regulatory Compliance 2 $35/hr 1$72,800
 RP Retail Professional 2 $25/hr 2$104,000
 RPM Robot Programmer 3 $45/hr 1$93,600
 SMW Sales Men & Women 2$40/hr  2$83,200
 SR Shipping & Receiving 2$30/hr  2$124,800
SDP Site Developer & Planner  2 $30/hr 4$249,600
 SCSystem Configuration 2$30/hr  1$62,400
 TS Technical Support 2$30/hr 2 $124,800
 TETest Engineer Engineer 2 $35/hr 1$72,800
 TPTraining Professional  3 $45/hr 4$374,400
 UID User Interface Designer 2$35/hr  1$72,800
 UMD User Manual Designer 2 $35/hr 2$145,600
 WP Warehouse Professional 1 $35/hr 1$72,800
 WDWebsite Developer  2 $40/hr 1$83,200
 WHDWire Harness Developer  1$30/hr  1$62,400
ZE Zoho Expert  3 $55/hr 1$114,400