• Supporting Our Global Communities

    The majority of 3rd world countries who contribute the smallest amount of pollution to the world's climate are targeted to have the biggest challenges to surviving climate change.  We have a plan.
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Start Locally Then Expand Globally


In 2019 we engaged locally with a number of high schools in our community to begin an internship program for students who need to begin career prospecting.  We taught CAD Engineering, Digital Marketing, and Lobbying.  Today, we have expanded the company outreach plan to help handicapped and homeless communities.  Our efforts in trade school curriculum development for sustainable jobs is an integral part of our "Learn 2 Earn" Program. 


The copy factories we would like to deliver to the world are highly automated manufacturing systems that will replace thousands of jobs at the shop floor level.  When we deliver a highly automated solution, we can drive costs to their lowest format.  This might seem a negative affect to the local economy, yet it is not.  Here is why.  When we deliver 20,000+ wind turbines/week at a great price to the local economy we create thousands of upstream and downstream jobs that are needed to support the final solution. These jobs include; Project Managers, Site Developers, Finance Professionals, Installers, Service Providers, Logistics Professionals, Regulatory Professionals and a long list of other cottage shop jobs.    When we empower the independent entrepreneur to participate, the community uplift is dramatic.   


‌The trades have been good to us! It's time to give back, and educate the next generation for 21st Century sustainable jobs. When we drop a copy factory into a country, we need to educate all stakeholders in their native language.  Anyone with a smartphone should be able to get an education in the sustainable economy for free, and able to learn in their native language. The Zoho LMS Learning Management System allows us to build out our curriculum in English, then deploy the platform to the world in 28 languages.  We are pairing up with a number of trade schools to launch our advanced manufacturing education platform. The curriculum will train the next generation on how to run the factory, yet more importantly, we will train blue collar workers on how to install, service and participate in the new green revolution.