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Timelines & Milestones

Timelines & Milestones

While much of meeting our timeline is contingent on funding, we are charging forward on the shop floor and in our research lab. Securing $2.5M in funding will bring us to Phase I of the plan. As we push forward with an 18-month execution for our flagship products and services, we gain momentum. Let's take a look at major milestones that are in our timelines and deliverables. 

Project Management & Beyond

As technologists, we manage chaos in waves. One of the best places to see the details of tasks and milestones being completed is in our corporate operating system. Zoho Projects is in sync with all of our apps where we can manage the madness better than most. When you become a Vendor, your projects are assigned and managed from the moment you engage. Customers receive a Project Manager as soon as they complete their site audit. It is so important the success of all stakeholders, so we provide these PM services free of charge.